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Based on repeated conversations with company owners and managers, we know that one of the biggest challenges to business success and growth is getting the right people on board. And with a return to extreme low unemployment in our market, we know that finding the right fit is becoming even more difficult.

         We’ve also heard the concerns about the high cost and low effectiveness of using the big national job search databases.

         We realize that your next great employee probably isn’t an unemployed person scouring the help wanted ads from their home in Detroit. More likely he or she is a neighbor or working at a company down the street who is looking for more responsibility, a shorter commute or a better boss. 

         We’ve heard you and we want to help make those connections. 

         Our new Now Hiring Loudoun platform—nowhiringloudoun.com—is designed to be an affordable and effective recruiting tool. Not only will it be locally focused—allowing our businesses to stand out—it also will be promoted around the region with a marketing plan aimed at attracting new candidates to the workforce. In addition to the online service, there are opportunities to promote the job openings weekly through Loudoun Now—in the newspaper and in eblasts sent to more that 25,000 opt-in subscribers.

The first step needed to build a strongly engaged audience of job seekers is to assemble a substantial assortment of the job opportunities in the Now Hiring Loudoun database. We’ve made that easy with a 30-day posting available for just $5 during the month of September. As you add your jobs, we’ll get to work pushing them to candidates and creating a library of résumés that will be a valuable resource for our partners. 

This local hiring initiative can’t succeed without your involvement and participation. We value your feedback on the platform, marketing packages and outreach efforts. 

We want to help make your team stronger. 

Thank you. 

Norman K. Styer

Publisher, Loudoun Now



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