Falcon Heating & Air Conditioning to Bring About Change To Shrinking Blue-Collar Workforce

Falcon Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. in Sterling announced the celebration of its 30thanniversary and grand opening event of its new facility. The facility spans three stories and is more than 20,000 square feet. The building includes a heating, air conditioning, and ventilation (HVAC) educational space, as well as office space for the company. The building was established as a means of not only accommodating the consistent growth of the company, but also as a means to train a new workforce into a field desperate for qualified technicians due to a shortage in the blue-collar labor market. 

Falcon was established in 1988 in Loudoun County with a small damaged van and two employees – owners Alex Hosseinian and Bruce Rahmani. Persistence and foresight saw Falcon grow through the years, paralleled with the growth of Loudoun County itself. The company quickly grew from two employees to now over 100, working with National and Regional Builders across Virginia, Maryland, and Washington D.C.

“This is an exciting time for us and our community,” said Alex Hosseinian, co-owner of Falcon Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. “We’ve experienced great success here in Loudoun County, and with this new facility, we hope to continue to grow our business and our community at large. We’ve taken a challenge and tackled it head-on with great enthusiasm.” 

This challenge is the shrinking labor force in the blue-collar industry, particularly in the HVAC field.  The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), estimates the current HVAC technician shortage at 70,000, and it is expected to increase in the coming years. Falcon’s facility aims to usher in a new wave of employees that are eager to advance their skills and their trade, ensuring a high standard of quality in their work to match the demands of a growing company.Furthermore, with a training facility located on-site, tradesmen who are coming to learn are offered a glimpse into a future within the trade and take away skills and experience much sought after in today’s construction sector. 

“We are very excited for the grand opening of our new facility,” said Bruce Rahmani, co-owner of Falcon Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc. “This facility is a symbol of hope and opportunity. Five years ago, we recognized the shortage and need for HVAC professionals in our area. We decided to create our own solution to this issue and create a training facility for anyone who is eager to grow in this trade. We pride ourselves on being a diverse company, and we give our employees opportunities where they may not have one otherwise. We mentor our staff, and even though our company has grown substantially, we are a tight-knit family. Our mission is to give back to the community.”

Several esteemed dignitaries will be in attendance. Senator Dick Black will be presenting Falcon with the Senate Resolution No. 333 to acknowledge and celebrate the company’s 2019 30thanniversary, our new facility, and our value in Loudoun County. Other dignitaries include members of the Board of Supervisors, a Representative of Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office, President of the Chamber of Commerce –Tony Howard, Commissioner of the Revenue – Robert Wertz, Treasure of Loudoun County – Roger Zurn, and several prominent business leaders of Northern Virginia. 

About Falcon Heating & Air Conditioning, Inc.:

Falcon started more than 30 years ago in Sterling, Virginia and has since grown exponentially to become one of the leading heating and air conditioning businesses in the region. Falcon works with various national, regional, and local builders for residential homes, and has expanded its service business by more than 100% over the past year.

If you would like to schedule an interview with Bruce Rahmani and Alex Hosseinian, please call 571-375-2008 or email RebeccaR@falconhvac.com


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