Chamber: Equipping Every Loudoun Business to Adopt a Reopening Strategy Post COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has inflicted significant human and economic damage on our Loudoun community, including record job losses and significant hardships for many businesses.
For the past two months, the Loudoun business community has done an exceptional job of complying with government directives to help limit the spread of this virus. 

It is now the time for our community leaders to focus on helping every business in Loudoun County recover from this crisis and begin to craft their own reopening and expansion strategies, while working towards the day when Loudoun will be completely “Open For Business.” 

To achieve that outcome, the Loudoun Chamber has developed its “Loudoun: Open For Business” tool kit, a carefully curated catalogue of trusted resources that every local business, of any size and any industry, can rely on to develop their own, unique reopening strategy, tailored to their business model, their employees and their customers.  Press release here
Protect your business, your employees and your future. Create your own reopening strategy NOW!
– Tony Howard, President & CEOLoudoun Chamber


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