Danielle Kifah


Education and Training


–      M.A., Material and Visual Culture

University College London, Department of Anthropology, University of London, U.K. (2004)

Supervisor: Dr. Chris Tilley, Professor of Anthropology and Archaeology

Dissertation: “Towards a Phenomenology of Experience in relation to two specific and permanent British artworks embedded in the land: Andy Goldsworthy’s ‘Wall that went for a walk’ and Antony Gormley’s ‘Angel of the North’”


–      B.A., (Hons.) Ancient History and Social Anthropology

University College London, University of London, U.K. (2003)

Individual Studies Project Topic: Ancient Greek women’s lived experiences as apprehended through the language of the senses, pollution and madness


–      Exchange student, Socrates-Erasmus Programme, Département des Sciences Humaines et Sociales, (éthnologie-sociologie), Sorbonne-Paris 5, Université René Descartes, France (2002–3)


Work Experience


Parental Leave (10/2016-06/2020)


Carnegie Institution for Science: Executive Assistant to the President. Washington, D.C. (09/2015-10/2016)

–          Head of Executive Office and personal assistant to the President of Carnegie

–          Contributed to development of strategic goals and objectives, strengthened support for the Institution’s mission and advised the President on a wide range of critical issues and concerns

–          Produced presentations for potential donors and scientific partners such as Stanford University executives and the President of the Carnegie Corporation of New York

–          Designed and drafted content for the President’s presentations and reports

–          Developed agendas and summarized reports of staff meetings and directors’ conferences

–          Reported on activities of scientific advisory and strategic planning committees

–          Synthesized and communicated goals of departmental visiting committees

–          Identified and presented new research partnerships and collaborations

–          Managed and analyzed budgets for the Executive Office


Carnegie Institution for Science: Assistant to the Director. Washington, D.C. (11/2007-09/2015)

–      Lead of strategic communications for the Geophysical Laboratory

–      Produced department’s vision statement and values, and designs for a dynamic new logo and website

–      Drafted and synthesized written materials for presentation to scientific visiting committee

–      Developed vision plans for numerous visits by international scientists, collaborators and partners

–      Led laboratory and historical tours and organized a wide range of scientific meetings and events

–      Designed and implemented comprehensive new public outreach campaigns such as the annual interdepartmental “Neighborhood Lecture Series”

–      Identified strategic goals and developed marketing materials for CIW/NSF “Geobiology Workshop” (August 2010) and NASA Astrobiology Institute’s “Workshop Without Walls” (March 2010)

–      Set up postdoctoral development programs and managed postdoctoral fellowship competition

–      Developed agendas and summarized reports of faculty meetings

–      Edited research publications, faculty grant proposals and marketing materials such as e-newsletters


Local Dialogue, LLP: Consultation Executive. London, U.K. (01/2007-09/2007)

–          Led consultation on the company’s largest and most profitable (multi-million pound) public affairs projects, including the “London Olympics 2012,” “Crystal Palace Park Regeneration” and “Ocean New Deal for Communities”

–          Developed and delivered comprehensive and innovative community and stakeholder consultation programs

–          Gained strategic support from the underrepresented, minority and ethnic groups to win planning proposals for high profile clients such as the Mayor of London’s regeneration body, the London Development Agency

–          Drafted project-briefing papers for stakeholders (clients, politicians, community leaders, the media, public) and for internal use

–          Designed and implemented public outreach programs including events and workshops to engage diverse audiences and feedback their views to government institutions

–          Set up and chaired meetings with local community groups, constituencies and stakeholders (NGOs and government agencies including local London boroughs, government assisted partnerships and the Ministry of Local Government and Communities)

–          Drafted press releases, articles for newsletters and journals, website content, project briefing reports and correspondence for a wide audience

–          Produced political audits and statements of community involvement for clients


The Near East Foundation: Project Manager, Research and Development. Ouarzazate, Morocco (09/2006-01/2007)

–          Set up a project to assist groups of Berber women in rural areas to launch their own co-operatives around art-objects they produce in order to gain a sustainable income

–          Organized and chaired workshops on micro-enterprise strategies for marketing art-objects

–          Facilitated collaboration among community leaders, parent teacher associations, local government representatives and international agencies

–          Participated in a Moroccan government and USAID-led literacy campaign in rural Berber villages


Appraisal One, Fox Hunt Realty: Office Manager. Vienna, Virginia (09/2005-09/2006)

–          Managed public relations, recordkeeping, and calendars for an estate agent and property appraisal office

–          Organized visits to properties and devised strategies for marketing campaigns

–          Drafted content for newspaper advertisements, commercial materials and websites


The Getty Foundation, J. Paul Getty Research Institute: Research Assistant, Publications. Los Angeles, California (01/2005-09/2005)

–          Researched, organized and assessed materials for inclusion in Getty publications

–          Edited and translated scholarly texts into/from French, Spanish, Italian and Latin

–          Drafted correspondence between art institutions, trusts and foundations, editorial and publishing staff, writers and the general public

–          Prepared project dossiers and briefing reports for Publications Editor


The Museum of Contemporary Art: Curatorial Intern. Los Angeles, California (09/2004-01/2005)

–          Researched, interpreted and presented a diverse collection of artworks for the museum’s groundbreaking international survey exhibition “WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution”

–          Drafted and maintained correspondence between artists, local businesses and sponsors, art institutions and community groups

–          Produced content for museum’s exhibition catalogue


The British Museum: Project Assistant, Ethnography. London, U.K. (09/2003-09/2004)

–          Organized, assessed and presented aspects of an early-modern ethnographic collection as a body of contested Polynesian material for the museum’s Oceania Curator

–          Engaged diverse communities in Britain and Polynesia to participate in preserving and re-vitalizing social connections around shared cultural resources

–          Designed and co-ordinated community outreach programs including workshops and seminars at university, research institution, non-governmental and civil society levels to address issues of contested heritage and discuss community aspirations for public arts projects


Undergraduate and Postgraduate Research Projects


–          Victoria and Albert Museum – Reconsidered a complex and rather dense ancient image archive

–          The Warburg Institute – Re-evaluated an aspect of a collection of ancient images for postgraduate course

–          The British Library and Royal Geographical Society – Engaged with aspects of a premodern collection

–          The Palestine Exploration Fund – Re-interpreted a set of early modern ethnographic materials for an undergraduate dissertation project


Other Research


–          Tate Britain – Volunteer initiative to assess a postmodern collection of artworks for a 2007 Tate Modern exhibition


Personal Skills and Competencies


–          Linguistic Competencies: Mother Tongue(s): English and French; Other Languages: Spanish and Italian (conversational), and Arabic; Latin and Ancient Greek


–          IT/IS Skills: M/S Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), Adobe Creative Suite (Acrobat, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator), Adobe Creative Cloud (Lightroom), Apple Work (Pages, Keynote, Motion), Google Drive (Docs, Spreadsheets), WebEx Conferencing System


–          Training/Learning Courses: Classical Arabic Literature, The Language Centre, UCL, London, U.K. (2001-2)


–          Other Skills: Transparent Watercolor Painting. The Hunter Forest School of Fine Art, Vienna, Virginia (1993-2000). Classical fine arts apprenticeship under student of Edgar A. Whitney. Taught secondary to high school age groups during study.


Community Outreach


The Dinner Program for Homeless Women, Washington, D.C.