Informing clients or employers on the tax preparation process, Collecting relevant financial records, including pay stubs and income statements, Inputting data from financial records into tax return software or databases. Using applicable federal, state and local tax law to determine deductions and how much each client will pay or earn on the return, Completing and filing tax documents with appropriate agencies, like the IRS, state and local government entities, Acting as a representative for clients with applicable agencies as required, and Building customer relationships to promote and expand the business.


1 Explain what financial assistance is available

2 Examine expenditures to ensure activities are within budget

3 Compile information through interviews

4 Compute taxes

5 Determine tax liability according to prescribed laws

6 Interview client to obtain additional tax information

7  Operate business machines

8 Prepare reports

9 Prepare tax reports

10 Prepare tax returns

11 Explain credit application information

12 Advise clients on financial matters

13 Compute financial data

14 Obtain financial information from individuals

15 Prepare financial reports

16 Verify data from invoices to ensure accuracy

17 Evaluate degree of financial risk

18 Fill out business or government forms

19 Follow tax laws or regulations

20 Maintain records, reports or files

21 Obtain information from individuals

22 Schedule meetings or appointments

23 Use computers to enter, access or retrieve data

24 Use interviewing procedures

25 Review records for completeness

26 Explain government rules or policies

27 Explain government laws or regulations

28 Examine documents for completeness, accuracy, or conformance to standars

29 Write business correspondence

30 Confer with customer representatives

31 Maintain appointment calendar

32 Explain rules, policies or regulations

33 Assist public in complying with Postal service regulations

34 Explain establishment processes or operations

Position requires: 2 years of experience in job offered or 2 years of experience in accounting or taxes.