The Loudoun Transmission Alliance, a grass-roots collective, and The Waterford Foundation, a historic preservation organization, seek an energetic, creative individual as a field operator for a grass-roots activism campaign in Loudoun County, Virginia. There will be some aspects similar to the work of an executive director. The individual will be coordinating between the steering committee and the multiple member groups of the alliance, including major environmental organizations, to organize a volunteer base, for canvasing, events, advocating for legislation. This is a nonpartisan, urgent issue.

We are looking for an individual with prior experience in some or all of the position’s responsibilities, and ideally with prior employment in political campaigns and/or nonprofit work. No specific political ideology required. Must be able to respect and engage with community members across the political spectrum.


·        Develop a strategic grass roots plan for communications, community engagement, and gathering support from a broad range of constituencies

·        gathering support from a broad range of constituencies

·        Help member organizations of the LTLA plan outreach to their members

·        Facilitate strong relationships and engagement among LTLA member organizations

·        Organize fund raising campaigns to identify corporate partners and potential donors

·        Maintain and expand email lists

·        Organize volunteers to be present at events, businesses, and meetings to share

·        information

·        Organize events to inform the community, build social camaraderie and engage volunteers

·        Interact with local, state, and national politicians, as directed by LTLA leadership

·        Facilitate press coverage


Duration: Now through end of SCC and NIETC (federal) processes.

Employment and pay:

Individual would be a contractor with The Waterford Foundation with possibility of benefits; reports to Waterford Foundation Director. Office space provided at the Foundation, nearby housing possible. Salary $3,400 – $5,800 per month based on prior experience, and benefit and housing needs.


About The Waterford Foundation and Loudoun County Transmission Alliance

The Waterford Foundation is leading The Loudoun County Transmission Line Alliance in an effort to prevent new transmission lines. The explosion of data centers in Eastern Loudoun has escalated into a severe power shortage and serious costs to the community: environmental, financial, eminent domain and more. Our focus is preventing the new transmission lines being built solely to feed the data centers, taking farms, homes, and severely damaging Loudoun County’s tourism industry and small businesses, only to increase the profits of private corporations. This is a new issue, and we are on the front lines, and it is spreading across the state and nation. We are working with local, state, and federal government issues.