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2004 to 2005
Project Management Certification
University of Maryland, University College
2000 to 2002
Master’s in Business Administration (MBA)
University of Maryland, College Park, MD
1988 to 1992
Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice (BA)
University of Maryland, College Park, MD


Project Management Professional (PMP)
Project Management Institute

Freelance Photographer, Leesburg, VA

September 2019 to Present

–          Photographed, edited, and published photos and videos for weddings, portraits, and other events.



OpenText, Inc., Gaithersburg, MD

Program Manager

June 2014 to November 2018

–          Oversaw Portfolio of five company-wide Programs (each managing 2-5 projects) designed to improve different aspects of the customer experience. Personally managed one of the 5 Programs which examined data related to the customer experience with software defects; then developed and implemented improved processes with both Customer Support and Development teams to improve that experience. Also created an up-to-the-minute dashboard for Executive Management to track and monitor performance of software defects at any level of detail.

–          Managed project to locate and upload more than 120,000 customer contracts into a custom-built contracts repository in order to develop a full picture of how much guaranteed revenue the business unit has for any time period. This included hiring and managing more than 30 contractors at two locations who located, interpreted, entered meta-data, then upload an electronic copy of the contract. Also managed improvements to the contract repository using an Agile development method, developed user- and management-level reports from the repository using Business Objects. Also tracked and reported to the CEO on the data, revenue captured, and progress of the project.

–          Served as Subject Matter Expert (SME) and Business decision maker on project to covert the old contract repository to new system using current web-technology. Developed and updated formal requirements for reporting from the new system that supported all levels of contract reporting and management. Performed user testing for all parts of the system and served as business owner when the previous business owner left the company. Trained over 100 worldwide users on the new system.

–          Managed project to centralize customer support offices around two global Centers of Excellence. The project involved coordinating the planning, hiring, onboarding, and training of more than 100 new employees for eight product groups at two main locations in different global regions. Developed standardized plans, coordinated the effort of the managers of the eight product groups, tracked progress, and created & presented project status to Executive Management.

–          Managed project to create and implement a new process of moving customers off Professional Services support and onto standard Customer Support. The new process was metric-based, saved weeks of effort, and improved the customer experience by making sure the customer was ready for standard support.

–          Trained PMO and non-PMO personnel on the usage of MS Project and Project Management Methodology



ACS, A Xerox Company (Clovis), Germantown, MD

Sr. Project Manager

February 2012 to November 2013

–          Managed monthly software releases for high-profile issues and defects dealing with multiple related and un-related aspects of the entire custom software suite, breaking down different functionality into specific workplans

–          Managed several software-development projects through the Change Request SDLC process

–          Managed a modified “Agile” project to deliver more than 200 canned reports

–          Managed key aspects of large product release involving three product processes

–          Managed project to determine and review the applicable Record Retention policies for contract, government and litigation requirements, then map those requirements to available records.

–          Trained PMO and non-PMO personnel on the usage of MS Project



MedImmune (Clovis), Gaithersburg, MD

Consultant / Sr. Project Manager

November 2011 to February 2012

–          Delivered report of findings on the current state of the Project Management Processes and Methodologies (IS PDM) used, plus recommendations on how to improve them to better manage their projects and deliver on the Business’ needs

–          Conducted 35 interviews including Project Managers, Program Managers, Enterprise Architects, Business Management, and IT Leadership; reviewed more than 120 documents and more than 30 hours of recorded training


NHLBI, NIH (Paragon Technology Group, Inc.), Bethesda, MD

Portfolio and Project Management Program Manager

May 2010 to November 2011

–          Oversaw the entire Software Development portfolio for NHLBI including more than 120 systems and as many as 50 projects.

–          Managed a team of 4 Project Managers, plus the Capital Planning Investment Control (CPIC) group.

–          Used HHS Enterprise Performance Life Cycle (EPLC) to oversee and manage internal and external projects.

–          Planned and conducted quarterly meetings on the status of the IT Portfolio for projects (that met CPIC threshold) to IT Investment Review Board (ITIRB) made up of all Division Directors.

–          Met monthly with individual Division Directors to deliver status updates for projects in their Division.

–          Created a number of new reports to inform CIO, Branch Chiefs, Division Directors and other management on project progress and resource usage.

–          Managed project to implement MS Project and Portfolio Server 2010, including upgrade to MS Project Professional 2010. Oversaw implementation of tool throughout all projects in the Branch and used it determine resource load and project prioritization

–          Conducted numerous training sessions on Project Management including scheduling, risk management, and MS Project.

–          Created standardized project Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) to include all standard EPLC deliverables.

–          Introduced standardized Risk Management methodology for all projects.


Department of Labor (Systems Integration and Development, Inc.), Washington, DC

PMO Lead / SME / Project Manager

October 2008 to May 2010

–          Oversaw PMO Portfolio of more than 30 active projects at any one time

–          Provided Subject Matter Expertise on PMLC and PMO processes to all project managers inside and outside the PMO; including training, oversight, quality reviews and audits.

–          Conducted training on the PMLC and templates, PMO processes, MS Project (2003 and 2007) and standardized Microsoft Project template.

–          Created new Project Dashboard to summarize project status for entire portfolio for presentation to high-level executives: summarized project details/scope, EVM, progress, milestones, and project-specific measurements.

–          Conducted numerous “Brown Bags” sessions on Project Management including: PMO offerings, Earned Value Management (EVM), Project Management Life Cycle (PMLC), and MS Project.

–          Managed a team of Project Managers, Business Analysts, and Tech Writer

–          Oversaw process improvement projects including Account Management, Request for IT Services (customer requests), and Change Control Requests

–          Managed project to implement MS Project Server 2007 across the Enterprise, including upgrade to MS Project Professional 2007 and introduction of MS SharePoint

–          Made Enterprise IT information, statuses and updates available on SharePoint for the entire Enterprise that was previously only known to a select few in the IT department.

–          Used the PMI Project Management Body of Knowledge to create, design, plan, execute, monitor, and closeout multiple projects including tracking and reporting on Earned Value Management data.


Nuclear Regulatory Commission (Lockheed Martin/Force 3), Rockville, MD

Project Manager

October 2006 to October 2008

–          Used the Rational Unified Process (RUP) and PMI Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBoK) to plan, execute, monitor, and closeout multiple software development and maintenance projects including tracking and reporting on Earned Value Management (EVM) data.

–          Managed 14 Task Orders of Operations & Maintenance (O&M) and new software development, amounting to more than $6 million.

–          Managed multi-million-dollar new software development project to replace aged official NRC electronic input gateway tool (EIE) that involved levels 1 through 4 of NIST’s e-Authentication, open standards, redundancy, encryption and non-repudiation. Used more than 19 servers with Linux, MS Windows Server 2003, MS SQL Server 2005, Adobe Forms, J2EE and JBoss. This included building 1,000+ task schedule in MS Project and managing to it.

–          Analyzed current business rules and needs to document and generate requirements for many projects.

–          Created and helped institute multiple new methods to track and report project progress and status to clients and management.

–          Helped train 15 students on the PMI and PMBoK in order to help them get their PMP certificates.

–          Trained personnel on the usage of MS Project

–          Oversaw 15 developers and testers in a strong-Matrix environment.

–          Oversaw team that updated content for the Internet and Intranet sites at the NRC.




Department of Labor (Systems Integration and Development, Inc.), Washington, DC

Project Manager

October 2005 to October 2006

–          Used the PMI Project Management Body of Knowledge to create, design, plan, execute, monitor and closeout multiple projects including tracking and reporting on Earned Value Management data.

–          Managed multiple PC deployments of 1,650 new desktop and laptop systems in multiple locations across the US.

–          Created tracking system to monitor and report on all deployments & also managed hardware vendor contacts.

–          Managed project to document and standardize administrative duties for Active Directory network account management and E-mail administration. Resulted in streamlining of several processes.

–          Managed project to standardize Standard Operating Procedure manuals.

–          Managed project to migrate applications and database from Informix to DB2.

–          Created and managed multiple tracking systems to monitor all phases of all department projects including creating Status Report template used for all projects. Contributed to Departmental Microsoft Project Standardization project including creating new Microsoft Project Views and writing User Guide.

–          Trained new Project Managers on PMLC and standardized Microsoft Project template.


Office of Chief Technology Officer DC, Washington, DC

Project Manager

April 2005 to October 2005

–          Managed multiple deployments of new desktop systems in multiple agencies including developing and updating project plan and deployment policies

–          Managed image creation for new District desktop systems including working with vendors

–          Developed and implemented Patch Management program including project plan for updating Microsoft Operating systems automatically through LANDesk throughout the District

–          Developed requirements and plan to move OnBoarding of new agencies to the Remedy Action Request System

–          Brought new agency OnBoard to the IT ServUS program including analyzing support and hardware requirements

–          Developed requirements and processes for Enterprise License Management, Knowledge Management and Outage Notifications for multiple agencies


Manugistics Group, Inc., Rockville, MD

Project Manager / Lead System Administrator & Technical Team Lead, Global Client Support Division

June 2001 to April 2005

–          Managed requirement gathering, specifications, design, testing, training, and implementation of two sections of new PeopleSoft CRM tool (Knowledge Base and Self-Service Client Support Web site).

–          Executed Continual re-design of Client facing section of the PeopleSoft CRM web tool.

–          Assisted in designing, training, and testing all aspects of new PeopleSoft CRM software.

–          Assisted in designing, testing, training and implementation of automated phone routing system.

–          Managed all Support operations and coordination with Engineering for all new Product releases including daily progress reports and determining and meeting all Milestones.

–          Managed over 100 Oracle SID’s with multiple versions/OS’s

–          Coordinated use of more than 15 UNIX and 6 Windows servers for use by Global Support users.

–          Managed all aspects of hardware and software for Client Support including the Support computer lab and all equipment used by analysts; this included retiring old equipment, determining needs for and ordering new equipment, and coordinating move of lab to our new building with zero downtime.

–          Conducted Security Risk Assessment of the Client Support Division; recommended and implemented multiple changes.

–          Led a team of Technical analysts in supporting over 1,000 companies in use of client/server and web software.

–          Specialized in handling the difficult clients and cases.

–          Worked with Engineering & Consulting to help determine direction & priorities of changes to several products.

–          Handled all client training and inquires in the use of Self-Service Client Support Web site.

–          Trained new analysts in processes & procedures.