Qualified leader in a wide variety of contexts including project director, case manager, logistics, finance supervisor, client services
Successful manager and director of employees, volunteers and teams
Experienced educator, teacher and trainer of youth and adults
Self-directed worker with proven ability to problem solve and analyze complex problems
Open communicator who builds positive relationships with clients and co-workers

·         Director responsible to create, plan and implement events and activities

·         Responsible to hire, train and supervise interns

·         Recruit, train and lead the volunteer team

·         Oversee the budget and plan accordingly for all expenses, events and fundraisers

·         Communicate effectively with current members

·         Develop relationships with prospective members

·         Write lesson plans and curriculum

·         Time efficient case manager for litigation in the District and Circuit Courts

·         Claims investigation of time sensitive material

·         Write and file the discovery, motions, legal briefs and exhibits

·         Negotiator for settlement agreements

·         Windows 7/8/10, Office 365, Office Suite, Google Docs

·         Mac OS X to High Sierra

Licensed foster parent with FBI background check completed, trained in conflict resolution


NYACK College

2011/2014 BS Organizational Management