Résumé: Steven Sullivan

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Corporate Communication Director / Delos Aerospace Jan 2012- Present

The communication experience listed below includes coordinating national and international events; coaching various speakers and content creators on how to communicate on specific potential crisis management issues with the mass media; assisting in the coordination and execution of public affairs efforts and change managment with internal and external audiences; and managing the communication of corporate goals and objectives with messaging for all stakeholders including the executive level management.

Implemented specific, modern Corporate Communication projects and internal communications teams to ensure alignment of messaging and coordination on program implementation and tracking of execution.
Developed internal and external communication related to corporate intellectual property and market positioning strategy.
Responsible for managing and articulating value propositions and key messaging through a variety of communications channels, often including social media with the simplification of complex data into understandable information.
Developed corporate communications through messaging and content for social media, message boards, Fact Sheets, Media Kits, FAQs, blogs, articles, corporate announcements, power point presentations, and public speaking events etc.
Developed public relations and investor relations teams implementing messaging, content and outreach/engagement with various stakeholders. Developing print and digital media strategies exploring the current state of the art to accomplish the defined goals.

·      Experience writing using AP style guide for internal and external publications, including public Web content, social media and internal communications platforms.

·      Experience in communications planning, including identifying the specific audience and developing strategic plans for defined outcomes, developing communications metrics to measure the effectiveness of a communications campaign , implementing target audience analysis , implementing technics and tactics for all communications efforts and planning.

·      Media relations experience, including development of visual communication themes, messaging including  subject matter expert feedback and training, lead point of contact with public news outlets and mass media organizations including blogers and thought leaders and technical IT professionals.

·      Experience identifying newsworthiness of information and accurately reformulation complex information for messaging to a defined audience by communicating various key elements within the news cycle and press releases that is implemented in a simple to understand journalistic style using the Associated Press guidelines.

·      Drafted, edited and designed communication campaign materials for earned media and grassroots activities for both print and digital media.

·      Created and implemented employee communications editorial calendar for all communication campaigns.

·      Compileed weekly communication campaign reports and analysis of various weekly, monthly, and quarterly data matrix reports.

Experience with several Digital Experience Platforms to implement and manage website content and analytics capture, multisite management, user/ customer portals, SaaS platform for SaaS and IaaS Cloud Solutions, intranet content, SEO tools, with social media integration for on-premise servers and cloud integration.

Technical Writer / Delos Aerospace June 2008- Jan 2012

Generated office action responses during the patent prosecution process for all US and foreign filings strengthening patent claims structures. Capable of developing solutions involving multiple cross disciplines within complex systems and interoperability issues such as within Mechatronics system of systems improving overall performance levels.
·      Conducted research and technical writing for white papers on the Mechanosynthesis process. Systems and methods of manufacturing nanotube structures US Patent Application 20050238565 and 20070163702

Developed multi-criteria optimization within innovative applications involving multiple cross disciplines within complex systems in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Identified functionality and interoperability issues within various embedded systems of systems within the solution-space and improving performance levels.

Experienced in conceptual engineering analysis and development, technology optimization, project planning, systems integration and development of life-cycle cost.

Invented solutions as well as improving system design utilizing creative insights with a flexible adaptable solutions-driven mindset. Investigated various state of the art technologies and identified specific improvements within Mechatronics system of systems.
·      Landing gear method and apparatus for braking and maneuvering; US Patent 7237748 and 7226018.

·      This Eco-Aviation technology offers a higher level of braking capability than friction based braking that saves on operational and MRO cost structures with the added benefit of significantly reducing fuel burn.

·      Conducted office action responces for patent prosecution for the following patents:

·      Method and apparatus for mitigating trailing vortex wakes of lifting or thrust generating bodies United States Patent Application 20080061192.

·      Method and apparatus for powering of amphibious craft United States Patent Application 20090186535


Delos Aerospace February 2003- June 2008

Special Projects and Project Planning

·      Identified and prioritized corporate mission communication needs and evaluated alternative means of meeting those needs by matching resources to proposed alternative digital communication systems and managing selected digital monitoring systems throughout their life cycles.

·      Contributed to development of new business and enterprise product development capabilities, conducted the analysis of information, and participated in contract negotiations.

·      Applied latest technologies to information systems operation and analysis such as google analytics, data control algorithms, network flow programs using interior point methods, and cost-benefit analysis.

·      Managed project cost and scheduling of new projects for development and assessing communication implementation issues such as cost, installation, maintenance, feedback to stakeholders, evaluating technical risk and design maturity parameters of new implementation systems and methods to enhance communication performance, affordability, increase reliability, automated prognostics and diagnostics, reduce maintenance cost and develop operations procedures.

·      Identified and quantified the value of assets and personnel and prospective subcontracting collaborators creating a communications project team and assigning responsibilities for the efficient and cost-effective development, execution, and monitoring of commercial agreements and supervised negotiations and drafting of agreements generated by contracting and licensing associates overseeing the implementation and enforcement of the material transfer agreement process ensuring that the statement of work is define properly to successfully deliver a completed communication system to meet or exceed the customer needs.

Omnidyne Inc., July 1998- Jan 2003

Director of Research, Development and Demonstration Projects / Omnidyne Inc., March 1998- Jan 2003

·      Managed manufacturing for development and demonstration projects from concept to demonstration level. Manufactured test rigs for bench-top testing of electrical power generators constructed. Installed micro-turbine generators and interconnected to grid for distributed power generation. Identified and implemented material condition improvements, including predictive and performance centered maintenance optimization.

·      Performed field installation and testing of plant systems and components and facility changes. Ensured the plant’s physical and functional characteristics accurately reflected in the plant documents. Performed engineering analysis to support plant changes. Interfaced with training department, to perform as the departmental training coordinator. Supported the engineering department as the Vendor Equipment Technical Information Program coordinator.

·      Prepared required analysis and program documents to support inspection scopes.Analyzed issues involved with corrective and predictive maintenance on process computer and control systems, implement improvements as required. Analyzed issues involved with corrective and predictive maintenance on protective relays and associated circuits and implemented improvements as required.

·      Analyzed issues involved with corrective and predictive maintenance on exciters and voltage regulator equipment, implement improvements as required. Performed Electrical Construction testing for modifications and new installations of electrical equipment and associated circuits. Provided technical expertise on troubleshooting electrical equipment.


Westinghouse, Oct 1995-May 1998

·      Startup Commissioning Engineer/Implementation Specialist

·      Setup installation of gas turbine instrumentation and control systems. Setup TXP teleperm network communications control systems on the optical and profibus for OT, OM, ES and Server systems.

·      Designed and Implemented factory acceptance testing program of software and systems integration testing of various gas turbine control systems.


Power Plant Operator; Supervisor / Biosphere II, Nov 1991-Sept 1995

·      Supervised and operated multi fuel power plant for Biosphere II that supplied electrical power and cooling and heating needs for the Biosphere II project located in Oracle Arizona.

·      Programmed Allen-Bradley PLC’s using ladder logic designing and modifying various control system setups for various power plant system modifications.

Nuclear Power Electrician, USS Enterprise / US NAVY, Sept 1980- Jan 1987

·      Managed Electrical Engineering Group 30 (EE30). I maintained and operated all associated electrical power generation and distribution systems and various motor controllers throughout the ship.

·      Provided troubleshooting for motor controllers and supported outside troubleshooting needs throughout the ship. Supervised the operation of Central Control Load Distribution System.

·      Acted as troubleshooter of all associated electrical equipment that supports 8 nuclear reactor plants.

·      Planned training and Supervised Shop Planned Maintenance System.


Marymount University, Arlington VA, Communication 2013- 2017

University of Rochester, Rochester NY, Optical Eng. 1989-1991


Leadership Management Training School 1985

Nuclear Power Plant Operations Course 1982

Naval Nuclear Power School 1981

Electricians Mate “A” School 1981

Basic Electricity and Electronics 1980

Research interests:

Automotive technology, Electric Automobiles, Energy Storage Technology,Green Technologies, Nano Technology, NEMS, MEMS, Mechatronics, System of Systems Engineering, Computational Molecular and Atomic Dynamics, Computational Fluid Dynamics, Magnetics, Virtual Teaming Building and Collaborative Planning Best Practices.

Additional areas of expertise include but not limited to the following:

Conceptual Engineering Development, Aircraft Safety Assessments, Aircraft Configuration Requirements, Testing Procedures & Practices, and Environmental Qualifications.

Exceptional interpersonal skills & excellent networking connections developed over time as a member of IEEE, IEEE Aerospace and Electronics Systems, SAMPE and SAE organizations and committees.

Certifications: Profibus 1996, S7 programming 1996, S5 programming 1993, GE power systems, EX2000 digital excitation controls 1995. EPA 608 certification